Women Are Suffering All Over The World! Videos

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What did we ever do to men to be subjected to such callous treatment.

Even our little girls are not safe from their malevolence.

I don't care what lies men write in their myths, women give birth to men. They cannot exist without us. Let us stop the violence against women.

Call the police.

Kick him off the box. Get the money snatched off his pay check, if he does not want to pay child support.

Take martial art lessons, learn to defend yourselves.

Be financially independent.You are masters of your own destiny.

A lot of men want all the fun and none of the responsibilities!Yeah I said it! Video1.

Women rights in the world / Droits des Femmes dans le monde Video2.VIOL.Video3.NSW Police Domestic Violence Commercial


Lionne2, January 23 2008, 4:23 PM

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