Political Freedom: Nicaragua Worse Haiti Better

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I was shocked when I bumped info a news article when Haiti's government is actually credited as being better than another country in the "WESTERN HEMISPHERE"

Yeepee for Haiti!

Here is what the arcticle said;

"Nicaragua worsens and Haiti improves when it comes to political freedom.

Cuba and Venezuela remain the worst."

"Nicaragua and Venezuela are seeing a trend towards less political freedom, while Haiti is improving and the rest of Latin America largely remains the same, according to Freedom House, a U.S.-based bipartisan watchdog of civil liberties and political rights worldwide."

Read more at latinbusinesschronicle.com/app/art...

I thought this would be a great and positive topic for today.

Haitian Observer, January 23 2008, 5:13 AM

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Getting a vote of confidence from a Western newspaper or any Western organization or institution is not necessarily a... read more >
Linda, 23-Jan-08 9:45 am
Come on now! whenever a 'western organization, or news paper" said something bad about Haiti, we are all upset.If they... read more >
Mayi Moulin Ak Zaboka, 23-Jan-08 4:59 pm
I am very happy to read this thead, It seems Haitians are now admitting that Haiti is gorwing politically. We have to... read more >
Haitian Observer, 23-Jan-08 6:17 pm
Mayi Moulin Ak Zaboka, you must have been fed plenty of that since you do not know the difference between filet miyon... read more >
Mike, 23-Jan-08 9:30 pm
Of course that planted article would say that since Countries like Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela are not selling out to... read more >
Mike, 23-Jan-08 9:42 pm
Hi Linda, welcome back, i could not sleep, i could not eat since you left. Have you heard from Flo? read more >
Keyi Mango Naje Nan Dlo, 23-Jan-08 10:22 pm
Mike, there is no reason to start a fight with you. First of all you do not know how to read! I did say that I visited... read more >
Mayi Moulin Ak Zaboka, 24-Jan-08 2:37 am
MMAZ, you are absolutely right. Step by step haiti is making way toward progress. But some fellow haitians cannot see... read more >
Kokomakak, 24-Jan-08 11:43 am
Mayi Moulin Ak Zaboka, mwen kontan ampil fason ke ou reponn kesyion an. Ampil nan blogger sa yo pa komprann sa kap fet... read more >
Keyi Mango Naje Nan Dlo, 24-Jan-08 11:47 am
Man, i like the way you write, i don't like negativity, i have similar ideas too, i'm glad that you were ahead of me... read more >
Keyi Mango Naje Nan Dlo, 24-Jan-08 11:56 am
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