my land has been stolen and resold

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today is january the 13th year 2008:let me start with by saying good evening to you mr. president (renee preval).

dear mr. president my name is veronel henry i am an haitian american this evening the purpose of my conversation is that i'm searching for justice of help. my dear mr. president i have a complaint against a certain gentleman name frantz balant (a.k.a) fanfan> preval in febuary in the year 1998 i have bought from fanfan a 12 centieme of a piece of land as a a the time when i bought the land there were many people kept telling me fanfan had cheated me on the land because lots of people kept saying to me my land don't really looks 12centieme.well to me that was ok i completely come to a the point of satifyed with what i've got from my money.well the reason i did not argued with him was because as a diaspora i didn't won't to have any disagreement with fanfan because i have lots of reasons to do so of what he did in the begining he had cheated off my land at the time when he sold us the land (veronel henry and augustine henry spouse) later i keep recieving messages from my family in haiti they told me fanfan has resold my land to another gentleman name anderson.

other people have told my family when anderson found out they came to visit the land anderson got mad and outrageous now anderson and fanfan they both have provoked my family and they even threaten me and my family if any body ever put one step on this land one more time me and my family are dead meats.

this provokation was circulated from fanfan and anderson mouth they both going around sperculating if i ever come back on this land they says i'm dead mr. president there is no possible reason for me to go to haiti to arguing with these two zenglendo #1 i am not a resident in haiti, therefore i have chosing to bring my complaints to you this evening as the head chief of the country (the greatest leader of the nation)(haiti) well mr. president from the sources i'm telling you just the way everything happened i heard fanfan once again resold my land to anderson in the year 2003 as a matter of fact he sold the land first to anderson's mother now once again fanfan turned around and we sold the same land to anderson.well mr. president my wife and i have already talked about it, fanfan should'nt done that because every haitians in the dixieme departments knows that there is a stability government that establish in haiti right now therefore we figure, as the haitians in the dixieme we do not have to be feared of any of those kind of misconduct or bad habit practices.from what i understand what've learned, i have learned fanfan he is a hungry for money once fanfan sell someone a piece of land later on he turn around resell the same land to another mr. president that you know what is going on and santo la plaine !i do have a question for you, have there a law that have been declared that once a person buy a property another person has has the right to steal it away from the owner and resold it to another person?please mrpresident i whish for you to give me an answer!or is it the policy of haiti's law?or stealing people is in their bloods?well mr. president this evening you see i have a strong reason to come to you with this situation the situation of a land that i bought from fanfan in febuary year 1998 this land it once to mark my life for death i swear in the name of god i not going to lose my land because the money i bought the land it was my blood shed now put you in my shoe you buy something from someone later this someone turn around and threaten your life so what would you?mr.president i refus eto lose my land even thoughi know my land has placed right on the haiti soil i should ask you this question don't i have a right to claims or to avenge for whats mine mr.president.tonight i like you to face your self in my shoes the fight the desicions, is on the palms of your hand because mr. president as a young haitian american man i'm pretty sure we both(you and i)we do believes in justice system because i'm a resident into a country where people we must respect one another we must respect other people belongings now mr. president this is the law you understand.

therefore mr.preval we got to work together to abolish these kind of practical greediness thief stealing those also needs for us to work on them as well as the kidnappings second of all this is one of the reason i must had to come to you because i believe in fair justice, and i remember when i was growing up in the country the usa school one thing for sure they teach us keep our thoughts to our own minds, keep our hands to ourselves and respect other people property, respect the flag because with the flag we have to plegde alligance of the united states justice system laws now mr. president i thanks you a lot this evening for sparing some of your times and i'm pretty sure justice will be prevail for everyone in general specialy for those whose are in the smae situations as i am tonight mr. renee with respect i'm hoping you will considerate my request with a full submission mr. president surely, dearly from the bottom my heart full respect happy new year god bless(p.s do e-mail me right away)because i'm waiting on your response for me to know what to do because next month i like to take a trip to haiti after your response in my journey in haiti i'll look foreward to meet with you once again for right now mr. president i'm wishing you goodnight and your family too"oh excuse me mr. preval i forgot to stated where fanfan lives, he lives in santo thank you mr. president thats enough for this evening greatfully from me veronel henry

Veronel Henry, January 13 2008, 7:42 PM

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