h5n1 birds flu virus/things can get worst

Louis - January 9 2008, 2:51 AM

Those Dominicans need to start killing all their chickens like all the other countries did, before
Haiti's chickens become infected.

The Americans killed all our pigs when some of them had the swine fever even the ones that were healthy and isolated on the outer islands for fear we might contaminate the Dominican Republic pigs. There is a possibility that they wanted to make us dependent on them to provide us with our favorite meat since grillo is a national Haitian dish also.
Haiti's health minister need to start doing some work for a change instead of spending the day on the telephone.

All those government employees need to get to work. I do not think many of them even understand the meaning of the word. We all need to tell them to get to work!


Concerns About the H5N1 BIRDS FLU VIRUS

Article on today's "Nouvelliste" regarding outbreak of the 'Birds Flu" in the Dominican Republic causing serious...

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