Printsolve tracking system

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We, at Laser Age, Inc. have a service called "printsolv" will enable the Haitian government to control its budget expenses and managed its valuable assets.

The printsolv system will track, report and charge every page printed on copiers/fax/printers.

Our requirement is to have all devices connected to the network and access to the Internet.

Benefits: Haitian government will

Never Have to Buy toner cartridges again.

Never Have to Pay for repairs including parts/labor/break/fix.
Never Have to Buy copiers/fax machine/printers/scanners again.

I'm the president of Laser Age, Inc. since May 1999 can be reached at 618-713-5538
I'd more than happy to visit you in your office Mr. president to discuss the possibilities.

Fred Desrosiers, January 4 2008, 11:21 AM

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