Haitians and their ego

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When I opened the blog today I realized that right in front of me was proof that a collective of the Haitian people's ego can be a dangerous thing, and really is at the very core of most Haitian problems.

Or should I say that the Haitian people's inability to control the stupid thing that their ego makes them do is at the root of most Haitian evils.

This used to be a nice site...people came here who were simply interested in discussing the issues.

Like any other blog, we had our nut jobs, our hot heads, our college kids, our seniors, our college professors, our moms, our pesky troublemakers etc. It was like most other interesting political blogs.

Now this site has been turn into a ridiculous place were people come to show off who they are. More and more the post are no longer really about concrete constructive ideas that would advance the discourse of how to better help the nation.

More and more the post displays only the immature and shallow language of "ego exhibition" that has always plagued all aspect of Haitian society.

The evidence of how destructive this ego issue is can be found on the blog itself.

People who blog know that blogging is only a safe activity if you never use your real name. The most important reason for that anonymity is that blogs can be accessed from anywhere in the world, at anytime, by anyone.

Any maniac, who may or may not even be participating in the blog, can log onto a site and become obsessed or upset with a blogger.

As long as that blogger remains anonymous he/she will remain relatively safe. However, the Haitian bloggers who recently joined this site have such huge egos that they just have to make sure that everybody knows who they are. Malebranche is a perfect example of what can happen with an out of control ego (I am only using Camille Loty Malebranche because she is the current topic of the blog, not because she is the sole perpetrator).

She posted with her full name. In this day in age, that's all one needs to track a person.

That's exactly what happened to Malebranche.

Right now she has put herself at risk for various dangerous problems.

One of the lesser problems she might have created for herself is that in the Spring or Fall when new students are interested in taking one of her classes, they will Google her and find out how her behavior was out of control here. We all loose it sometimes, but when you're a professional, as Malebranche should be, you really cannot afford to leave traces of your weaknesses all over the Internet.

The second and even more concerning thing that can happen to Malebranche is that some freak who does not like what she has to say becomes obsessed with her and decides to track her down and hurt her. That person now has full access to her, knows were she works, and a lot about who she is and what she thinks.

That person is now able to approach her and even get close to her because he/she knows Malebranches interests.

Most bloggers know of these dangers, and Malebranche being a college professor must have known them also. However, the temptation to let people know who she is was just too great.

One can see the ego's influence on this mind as it works itself into doing something stupid: "I'm not going to write all this great stuff and not have people know that I'm the one writing it;" or "I am a great intellectual and people must know this;" or "I will write great things and all will know that I have written great things because I will sign my great writing of great things with my great name;" and so on and so forth.

The sad part about over inflated egos is that it turns us into complete idiots (no, Mrs. Malebranch, I am not saying that your are an idiot...just that all people who are guided by their egos act like idiots).

This morning I opened the blog and it seemed that every Haitian had rushed to post their full name with their writings.

All this in an attempt to boost their own self-importance.

Linda, December 31 2007, 2:35 PM

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