You wrote a very nice article, and i agree with a lot of the...

Mark - December 30 2007, 1:27 AM

You wrote a very nice article, and i agree with a lot of the things you said but the notion that haiti or blacks are not ready for democracy is wrong.

No offense but this kind of ideology should not come from you special when you talk about the degrees you've acquired.

Why aren't we ready?

Is it your belief that only whites are capable of establishing democrocy.

This kind of ideology is self-defeating and as long as we keep believing that we're less than and not good enough we won't move forward.

The belief in oneself is essential to success.

White slave owners taught the slaves that they were nothing that they were incapable of reading and writing.

Sadly some of us are still enslaved mentally.

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Nice post Mark. I agreed with your analysis. All...

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