I wanted to make myself clear that I do not want part of the...

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I wanted to make myself clear that I do not want part of the cake. If I wanted all i needed to do is calling preval's boss in washington and i will have a big piece of the cake. I think it is ignorant like u who turn haiti into what it is today.

You must have respect for people.

The only true government i will work for is one governed by Jean claude Duvalier.

And I will work for nothing.

By the way I do not believe that Haiti is ready for democracy and none of black republic is.

I am simply saying that the Diaporat is the only real resources Haiti has. And within the diaporat you have real people and real intellect that can move Haiti forward.

There are drs, lawyers, nurses ect. President rene preval must make it his legacy by working together with the legislators to amend the constitution whereby people like baker, wyclef, and others can serve their country.

Look at the amount of work wyclef and baker are doing for haiti are u telling me they are working in vain.

Something must be done in order to change what is written in the constitution.

That is all iam saying.

Please be a little nicer when you answered the respectable people who take to heart to participated in the discussion.

You may not agree on what someone said or put there but at least have the decency torespect others opinion and ideas.

This is the civilized way of doing things.

Have respect for other even you desagree with them. That is how you build a nation.

If you are not undertood you asked then you shall be ...

God bless haiti.

Dr. Bernadin Fleurima, December 30 2007, 1:01 AM

Topic: haitians overseas need to serve their country

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I wanted to make myself clear that I do not want part of the cake. If I wanted all i needed to do is calling preval's... read more >
Dr. Bernadin Fleurima, 30-Dec-07 1:01 am
You wrote a very nice article, and i agree with a lot of the things you said but the notion that haiti or blacks are... read more >
Mark, 30-Dec-07 1:27 am
Nice post Mark. I agreed with your analysis. All nations deserve and should have democracy...it need not be an... read more >
Linda, 30-Dec-07 12:45 pm
Mark I do not believe that is enslaved mentality. It is very true and degree does not have anything to do in our... read more >
Dr. Bernadin Fleurima, 30-Dec-07 11:56 pm
Remember that Papa doc did not have a relationship with Castro because he was protecting American's interest. He kept... read more >
Zinye, 31-Dec-07 12:38 am
I understand what you're saying, but the fact that our government is being intimidated by foreign governments doesn't... read more >
Mark, 31-Dec-07 1:08 am
This is so impressive; a group of Haitians, who actually don't agree with each other (Zinye, Mark, and Dr. Bernadin... read more >
Linda, 31-Dec-07 3:10 pm
So sad that you came to US because you had political problems in Haiti. As a minister, and especially so truthful you... read more >
Habitation Leclerc, 7-Jan-08 11:37 pm
hi Habitation Leclerc, my beloved president and to all haitia; I wanted to make it clear to all haitian I love my... read more >
Dr. Bernadin Fleurima, 8-Jan-08 8:50 am
Are you sure that you really came to this country for political turmoil? Please be specific to your answer. read more >
Fritz, 9-Jan-08 12:36 am
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