Haiti has so much potential. This little country has many...

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Haiti has so much potential.

This little country has many historical feats: first black republic, first independent country in Latin America.

These are things we should be proud of. I will always acknowledge the fact that foreigners have been meddling in our business.

I am conviced that we're still paying a price for being the first black republic.

But our greatest problem has been internal, the lack of unity, incompetence from our leaders.

i completely agree with you Linda, and i have many times mention it dark and mulattoes are both responsible for Haiti's problems.

One of our biggest problem is a question of class and color which is absurd when you consider the fact that the other 5% mulatto is of black descendant.

We have a habit of electing incompetent leaders who only cares about themselves.

But one our greatest problem is the fact that the mulatto elite refuses to identify itself with the majority.

They tend to side with foreigners to deplete the country of its resources.

A lot of them own massive amount of land but they stole the land from the poor through fraud.

If they did side with us, they would have invested in the country.

They could have used their wealth and power to affect haitian politic in a positive way. Politicians are not solely responsible for developing a country investers and business owners are too. The sad truth is when most mulattoes look at Haiti and darker skinned haitians they don't see themselves.

They don't identify themselves with us a lot of them are extremely racist.

Racism is one of haiti's biggest problems.

Mark, December 29 2007, 2:45 PM

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Haiti has so much potential. This little country has many historical feats: first black republic, first independent... read more >
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