Jean, I think you are confusing your issues. The Noirist...

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Jean, I think you are confusing your issues.

The Noirist movement, or the earlier Negritude movement, had nothing to do with the rampant killings that happened in Haiti since the rise of Francois Duvalier.

Both were noble movements started in intellectual circles, which consisted of both black and mulatto individuals.

Very often in history great concepts get stolen by individuals or small minorities, who than use the core of the ideology to promote a whole separate agenda.

Duvalier pere used the Noirist ideology to get the masses to support him. However, nothing in his social history indicates that he really did believe in the movement's true ideology.

As for the petit voleur Aristide, I don't think he believed in anything at all...but boy could he make people believe that he did...he was simply a great orator.

So, perhaps it's best not to confuse ideological principles with the various people that use them for their own benefit.

[Duvalier and Aristide supporters should not bother to write me nasty posts because of what I've just written.

I tend to ignore all posts that are nasty and don’t address the issue].

Regarding your claim that the mulatto elite did not make any laws to prevent the poorer Haitians from getting ahead.

I cannot go over all of that information here, but if you just took the time to read your own economic history than you would never make that statement again (regardless of the color of your skin).

If you don’t want to go back too far, you might want to start your learning process by looking into the 1915 American invasion.

That would take you through how they manipulated and changed our legal system to ensure that foreigners (now also known to us as mulatto elites) gained control of Haiti's economy.

How, during this period, those people that are now the poor and unemployed in Port-au-Prince were displaced from their self-sufficient agro land in order to make room for the companies of those new mulatto families (and some older ones), etc. etc. etc. If you kept reading, you might find how much of the foreign money donated to help the masses were stolen by the mulatto elites--including the money for education… If you just start digging for the truth, you will reach a point were you will never again say that the mulatto elite had nothing to do with the situation of the Haitian poor.

Now let me be clear.

Unlike some of the bloggers, I happen to understand that although the light-skin Haitians were the bigger culprits (much bigger), corruption, thievery, and pure selfishness are not just mulatto characteristics in Haiti.

Haitians forget that Haiti also had a strong black elite that also cared nothing about the poor masses.

The fact is that both dark and light skin upper class Haitians are guilty, and that is why the poor suffered and still suffer today.

Perhaps if we could get done pointing the finger, we could get down to the business of making Haiti a better place for all. The fact is that, now, things are certainly bad for the poor, but they are also perilous for the affluent.

Unless we all get our heads together and stop electing people to office who have no qualifications to be there, none of us will see a better Haiti.

[The same message that’s above goes for the Preval people.

I will only pay attention to constructive replies].

Linda, December 29 2007, 1:18 PM

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