My views of Duvalier are not favorable and besides I wasn't...

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My views of Duvalier are not favorable and besides I wasn't alive during his rule. What i know of Him i learned from history books.

The man persecuted everyone not just the mulattoes or the whites.

The entire country felt victim to his lunacy and wickedness.

However, it's outrageous that you try to portray yourself as a victim.

And to say that you don't have a monopoly on haitian businesses is ludicrous.

And please don't talk about stolen money.

You didn't have to create any laws that prevented us from getting an education, you just never paid your taxes so we wouldn't have money to build schools.

It's funny how you people refuse to accept the fact that you're black.

You think your lighter skin makes you better.

When will you realize that you are a negro, a light skinned negro nothing more. The sooner you realize that the better off we will all be. Maybe then you will stop prostituting yourself abroad and actually unite with us to develop the country.

Try as you might you will never be white.

There wouldn't so much divisions if you would accept your blackness, but you prefer to create a special class.

But only in haiti because when you travel abroad the white man sees a negro when he looks at you. Which is why you stay home and do nothing to help haitian society.

Because a better haiti would eliminate the bourgie class, the mulatto class would become obsolete, irrelevant.

Why is it that the mulatto american identifies itself with the black american while you don't. You never contribute to anything.

You choose to unite with foreigners when they come to haiti to exploit it of its natural resources.

You use that same money to send your kids to school abroad and to build sweatshops in the country that pays the poor a salary they can barely get by on. And you want to talk about theft.

I agree there's been mismanagement and theft on our part, but you are complicit.

You colluded outsiders at the expense of Haiti future and well-being (ingrates).

You don't care about the country or its development.

You could have invested your ill-gotten fortune in the country.

I have nothing against mulattoes or whites, members of my family are mulattoes.

We fought hard to obtain our freedom to get rid of the oppressors, we didn't fight so you would be on top. We didn't fight for you to become the new master.

Being that you were carried by a black woman we thought you would have sided with us to build a black republic considereing the masters never saw you as their equal.

You might have been doing house work while we scorched ourselves in the fields.

But you were still a slave nonetheless.

so what's change?

And if we're going to start apologizing you might as well apologize for siding with foreigners, for mistreating the darker majority who fought for our freedom, for mentally abusing them by acting like you're better.

The profit that you're investing elsewhere is a profit you acquired through dishonest means, at least invest it in the country you stole it from. You refuse to invest in local products instead you build stores that imports goods.

This unchecked importation of foreign goods only devalues the haitian gourde.

After two centuries we have proven ourselves to be more than a resilient people.

Make no mistakes that first black republic will succeed.

A lot of us darker haitians have had the opportunity to travel, to study abroad and we're on our way back. We haven't forgotten that we're black, we didn't stop loving our country.

We will build schools, adequate universities comparable to Harvard, Yale and the likes, hospitals like Mount Sinai and Jackson Memorial.

We will educate our fellow brothers and sisters, look out for their best interests, for haiti's best interests.

Not to worry we won't hold any grudge against you we know you were just a confused negro.

We all Haitians, black Haitians so stop referring to darker skinned haitians as "they" like we're subhuman, it's time you understand that you are black.

Mark, December 29 2007, 12:18 AM

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