Raffinerie de Petrole! Or time for Haiti to Pay up

James - December 28 2007, 2:06 PM

I certainly hope its not one of those American Corporations such as "Shell" that have caused environmental damages in Africa and Latin America that will be extracting the petroleum.

Haiti would get a few millions while they get billions of dollars worth of oil out of the country, just like they have been doing in Nigeria now St Croix.

Those people are so neglected on that island by those big shots that they are happy when there is an hurricane so they can have the job of repairing the electric poles.

Sine Haiti received so much money from the world bank and IMF now its time to pay their pound of flesh specially if they want that twenty something million dollars worth of debt forgiveness.

I hope those in charge in the Haitian government will think about Haiti's future and not be foolish enough to accept those 2 million dollars bribes and free college tuition for their children in the USA then let those scoundrel steal billions of oil worth from Haiti.

Haitians in general should benefit from their natural resources not just the government.

Specifically those who give huge concessions to US corporations in exchange for American support to stay in power regardless of the will of the people.


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