Because you are a backward ignorant people

Philipe - December 20 2007, 2:43 PM

In this day and age you are still worshiping inanimate objects, making animal sacrifices, begging deities and ancestors and snakes.

Did God tell any of you that "he she" was too busy that you needed some stooges to get to "he she"?

Tthe world is passing you by. Civilization is passing you by. What has all that dancing, Gombo, banboche done for any of you?

It may have provided you with a good meal for one day and a little fun from your miserable lives, but nothing else. God do not operate in such fashion.

God wants people to learn, love, live. You people are just a bunch of bloodthirsty ignorant lot. Perhaps you deserve your miserable backward lives, until you come to the understanding that satan worship and God worship are not compatible with each other.


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Adje Phil, rete an repo oui! Ou pap vini, derespecte...


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