haitians overseas need to serve their country

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my dear president one of the reason i came to ny was the political turmoil of the 90's. I am one of the brilliant haitian.

I am a usa citizen because i had to. I was not forced by anyone but because of life circonstances I had to. Our constitution which i believed must amended in many way should give us the diaporat a chance to serve our country we love dearly.

I wanted one day to come and serve my country that I dearly love. I am a graduate of good college here in the us. I hold two masters and two doctorals, a doctoral in ministry and a phd.

I am a theologian and sociologist.

I graduated in good universities.

I wished one day myself and other of haitian folks will be able to come and serve their country.

Please my dear president make your legacy to achieve something like that. I met. I I have several important friends; city councils mayors senator ect. they always ask me why i am not in gov. I told them i cannot send my resume to the president because i am a us citizen.

Believe I have a good salary here but serving my country would be the best thing that would ever happen to any citizen.

thank you so much mr president rene preval
God bless u
Dr. Bernadin fleurima
my email fleurimb at verizon.net.

I will be glad to hear from u.

check this website www. immanueltabernacle.org

Dr. Bernadin Fleurima, December 18 2007, 7:26 AM

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Ed Gauvin, 18-Dec-07 11:00 pm
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Dr. Bernadin Fleurima, 30-Dec-07 1:01 am
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Mark, 30-Dec-07 1:27 am
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Linda, 30-Dec-07 12:45 pm
Mark I do not believe that is enslaved mentality. It is very true and degree does not have anything to do in our... read more >
Dr. Bernadin Fleurima, 30-Dec-07 11:56 pm
Remember that Papa doc did not have a relationship with Castro because he was protecting American's interest. He kept... read more >
Zinye, 31-Dec-07 12:38 am
I understand what you're saying, but the fact that our government is being intimidated by foreign governments doesn't... read more >
Mark, 31-Dec-07 1:08 am
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Linda, 31-Dec-07 3:10 pm
So sad that you came to US because you had political problems in Haiti. As a minister, and especially so truthful you... read more >
Habitation Leclerc, 7-Jan-08 11:37 pm
hi Habitation Leclerc, my beloved president and to all haitia; I wanted to make it clear to all haitian I love my... read more >
Dr. Bernadin Fleurima, 8-Jan-08 8:50 am
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