The government's santa claus

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All of a sudden, out of the blue, a new corporation is created whose purpose is to develop the island of La Gonave.

That initiative would be very helpful and constructive is it is truthful.

I would however caution people about this organization who is after all very new and hasn't proven anything.

Like a french philosopher said, I smelled "anguilles sous roches".

Where does that La Gonave Development Corporation comes from?

Where does the 5 billion dollars they plan to invest in La Gonave will come from?

If it's investors' money, what would prevent them from splitting with the money once they got enough of it?

Of course, the government will claim ignorance of the group's intention and will be gone long before the so-called projects are even carried out.
To carry any kind of weight, the government should guarantee the money of any investor who decides to risk his or her money in this enterprise.

It is so easy in Haiti for a couple of crooks to fool the population and make up with people's money since the population is for the most part abandoned to itself.

As a member of the diaspora, I am willing to invest in this development project if it is guaranteed by the haitian government.

I hope all haitian investors will ask for the same guarantee.

Just remember the credit union debacle a few years ago.
We will not be anybody's fool.
God bless!!!

Max Johnson Fgb, December 17 2007, 4:28 PM

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