whinsec name for soa and us corporate greed

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The goals and training of WHINSEC which was SOA remain the same. SOA Training is straight from CIA training manuals.

KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation and Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual.

Those manuals are even more unprincipled than the Army manuals "The School of the Americas, SOA is not an independent organization pursuing its own private goals, but a component of the military forces of the US, answerable to American elected officials.

When the SoA was established in 1946, the real purpose was counterinsurgency to put down any threat to US economic interests by people disaffected by foreign exploitation.

From WHINSEC inception to 1997 some 60,000 individuals, mainly military but some police officers from 23 nations in Central and South America and some Caribbean Islands (Latin America), have passed through its training programs.

Nature of SoA: An instrument of brutal US policies toward Latin America.

Graduates of SoA constituted the majority of all those military and police officers implicated in documented atrocities of the most shocking character (assassinations, rapes, murders, blackmail, torture, disappearances, false imprisonment).

Graduates include 10 officers who became presidents of their countries: e.g. Banzer of Bolivia, Noriega of Panama, Galtieri of Argentina, Regalado of Honduras.

None of them were elected; all took power by illegal means.

They also include 23 ministers of defense and such others as the late bloodthirsty Salvadoran death-squad leader, Roberto d'Aubuisson.

Those Latin American countries with the worst record of human-rights abuses have sent the most candidates for training at SoA, including Nicaragua during the Somoza dictatorship.

(Many Contras that conducted atrocities in Nicaragua during the Sandinista period, using CIA training manuals under the guidance of CIA Director William Casey and Oliver North, were SoA graduates.) The training manuals used at SoA gave specific instructions in how to hold prisoners in clandestine jails, using force or threats of force on them; how to "neutralize" political opponents; how to infiltrate and spy on civilian organizations, opposition political parties, labor unions and youth groups; and other human-rights abuses."74% of those implicated by the UN to have participated in rape, assassinations, murder, torture, and massacres during El Salvador's bloody nightmare, including the massacre of 900 villagers in El Mozote by the Atlacatl Battalion were SoA graduates.

"The US Army taught Latin American and Caribbean trainees not only to spy on opposition political parties but that such parties were "the enemy" and anything done to them was acceptable." Americans have always been violent and expansionist.

The reality of the American Dream is unbridled greed, of looking out only for oneself and winner-take-all strategy.

In Guatemala the (US) United Fruit Company owns more agricultural land than 50% of the population combined.

For the US, Latin America has been a source of cheap raw material and agricultural products and more recently of cheap labor.

In alliance with local propertied elites, US corporations have been acquiring Latin American lands and mines, and have been exploiting Latin American resources by obtaining huge concessions for the countries' natural resources in return for their support in maintaining the rulers in power.

For instance Rockefeller interests controlled the economy of several Latin American countries, including Peru and Venezuela.

Creole Petroleum Company, for example, a subsidiary of Rockefellers' then-called Standard Oil of New Jersey, accounted for more than a third of Venezuela's oil, which made up 93% of Venezuela's export earnings.The American International Basic Economic Corporation in Peru ran a sugar mill, a chain of supermarkets, a poultry-breeding operation and an insurance brokerage business.

Dominican Republic is a large sugar producer and the American National Sugar Refining Company has major holdings there, the same company that used to be a major sugar producer in Cuba. US corporate interest had disastrous consequences for Latin America and the Caribbean.

In 1954 the CIA was directly involved in overthrowing the democratic government of President Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala.

The US was also instrumental in the overthrow of the legitimate government of Joao Goulart in Brazil in 1964. US armed forces invaded the Dominican Republic in 1965 to intervene in preventing the return of the constitutionally elected government of Juan Bosch.

In Chile in 1973, the US guided, supported, and provided the weapons for the overthrow and assassination of the democratically elected socialist, Salvador Allende.

So Haitian do not quite understand yet what they are getting themselves into by giving concessions to foreign investors.

One day they will wake up and find out nothing in their country belong to them like the Dominican Republic.

Haiti needs to find another avenue for economic development.

Zemi, December 13 2007, 1:48 PM

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