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"WHINSEC is the formely schools of the Americas SOA that trains Latin soldiers in combat, counterinsurgency, interrogation, TORTURE, spying, communications and ASSASSINATION.

(Perkins book Secret History of American Empire) That school was moved to Ft. Benning Georgia when Noriega refused to allow the US to continue to operate that school in Panama which placed Noriega by the way on US "most wanted list" Noriega was a graduate of that school and understood its antidemocratic danger." This is a direct quote from Perkins.

You can read more about what I wrote under "Are we the Gilded Negroes etc." Now Djakut researched the Internet and found the list of Haitians SOA graduates under derechos.org which I pasted from his post. Those people graduated from SOA there is a Creole SOA as I read in haitiaction.net posted by Djakut the title is as follows"Haiti and the School of the Assassins, School of the Americas: The Haitian Case by Adrianne Aron." What I am saying is what the training of that school entails.

What Djakut posted is just the article and list. We know they graduated from SOA. We do not know what they did or what they have become.

I was not born yet. Some jerk claimed to be the school director Rials, whos name can be found on the internet and a Mike posted the assassin assumption went from there.

I told Djakut the jackals would come out. Now thats out of the way, we can go back to poking each other again until we laugh, or irritate the hell out of each other.

Flo, December 13 2007, 1:27 AM

Topic: knock yourself out Flo S.O.A

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Lee Rials, 12-Dec-07 8:37 pm
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Flo, 12-Dec-07 8:53 pm
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Linda, 12-Dec-07 9:45 pm
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Linda, 12-Dec-07 10:01 pm
"WHINSEC is the formely schools of the Americas SOA that trains Latin soldiers in combat, counterinsurgency... read more >
Flo, 13-Dec-07 1:27 am
Flo, you're such an amazing blogger you've done a good job too by doing your own research. You were right about the... read more >
Djakut, 13-Dec-07 10:02 am
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