No one is above the law

Vansky1804 - November 5 2006, 1:00 PM

Well let's hope that the international court really goes after these criminals.

It makes me sick to see that some leaders think that they don't have to abide by any moral standard.For too long crimes, and corruption have plagued Haitian governments.

It is time for a respected and serious government, such as President Preval's, to bring forth charges against these leaders who have stolen from Haiti, and comitted horrible crimes against the people.

Mr President, the people need justice, and we need to set an example to anyone who thinks they can use the government for their personal agenda.

To anyone who wants to get into any public position in Haiti, get this right, being a public servant means that you are there to serve the people.

Response to:

I am so glad that now there is an international court...


Let's focus on Haiti please

I have noticed that people have fallen into nonsense. Haiti is screaming for help. NO JOKE. NO CURSE. No self-serving...

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