Ports in Haiti

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for the last 5 years I have come to Haiti.

i have had my rented place taken over two times.

Found my self in the courts two times to get my rights upheld.

Once I had my property returned.

The second time I still wait for my property to be returned...the man was let out of jail with the promise he would return the materilas and fled in the night.

I am a short term missionary - maybe later I can live in the country when my children are finished with school.

we have a network for 5 years, I am the only foreigner that has come and that works in Haiti...this year I have been 5-6 times...

I have come through all the previous troubles ...

even as the final conflict that brought Aristide down happened - I did not stop coming.

it helped our leaders and churches to not give in to fear..

Mr. President - I think you are making good progress.

Just to stop the backwards trend was a big step. I think the interim helped somewhat with that and I think you have brought it forward.

May you continue to find strength to do that.

Mr. president as a non-profit my biggest challenge and for those I have talked to their biggest challenge is finding honesty at the ports.


The CORRUPTION steals from the people.

The corruption must end. In our case the things we bring are for the benefit and the uplift of the people...those who do not have much capabilities.

Mr. president I want to inform you that the Lord has spoken to me that NOW He is beginning to judge the corruption at the Ports BECAUSE He has heard the cries of HIS PEOPLE and HE has responded and sent through other of HIS PEOPLES in other countries and He is being charges and EXTRA TAX, EXTRA FORMS.

STALLING TIME TO EXTORT MORE MONEY and having His MAterial HE sent to His people for distributuion pilfered and even stolen at the Ports...recently we sent brand new baies and infants clothes, dresss for the ladies toys that stimulate the imagination and creativity in the children, items to create a paly spot and even library where people can borrow and then return books, even school teacher helps -flasjh cards etc....they were picked over and stolen

this prevents any sound planning and management and financially discourages giving to help aid and assist..

Mr. President I have spoken to you about the Ports before.

Mr. President now I tell you by the voice of the Almighty God who lifts one up and throws one down. The corruption in the ports and the materials that are sent into the country to lift the people back up must not be touched anyomre for personal gains...the Lord is Now Judging those people and will continue.

The Lord will have His Way....no one can withstand Him...

Mr. President please challenge your people in your closes circles to get and stay free from corruption (kick backs - pay-offs) it may be the way some do business - but is unaccdeptable and an unrighteous practice.

You can use the platform of your office to speak to this. I heard something from you a while back after I had mentioned it in another format...coincidence...no, the will of the Lord, the next step in the rebuilding of the haitian people

All corruption must be rooted out so that investment and training investment can come back into the country to put the people to work....this includes the courts.

I have been fortunate because I have not been intimidated by threats of bodily harm and death and did what was needed to see the courts uphold haitian law. In fact the judges were happy to once they understood how close my 9those that know me) group of haitians and I are. I found standing by the haitian law - not a prejudical judgement as a blanc -but the standing afforded by the law..

the same must be done at the ports -what the law is, is the correct amount at the port...if the through the Port p[rocess is $50.00 for and takes three days it should be the same. it shold not be 250.00 and three weekd later you still cannot get your things because they need another document and that is another 50.00 and then 3 come back three days later and then there is another fee

Richard, December 8 2007, 8:55 AM

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