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Flo Says...

No Ruben, I am not a pretentious person.

I researched Venezuela's economie for a possible model for Haiti, and I fournd a few info here and there written by others in French and English.

I prefer Spanish and Italian.

Those French accents drive me out of my mind, and I do use the internet french dictionary for correction.

Think of me as a sponge.

I like to learn what is interesting to me.Thanks.

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Hello Linda, Just To Let You Know I Appreciate Your Efforts And I Am Still Looking For Your Reply. If You Prefer You Can Contact Me Directly At Machairst At Aol.Com...Regards Mch Mch 12/16/2007
That Would Be Just Fine. If She Would Like To Send An Email Addres Or I Could Send Her Mine, Let Me Know. Thanks. Mch 12/07/2007
Hi Mitch; I Actually Do Know Of A Young Woman Who Teaches Creole In California. She Has Recently Publish A Wonderful Book Of Poems In French Under A Pseudonym, But She Loves The Creole Language. She Often Works As A... Linda 12/07/2007
Flo, Thanks Just The Same. Mch 12/07/2007
Sorry, I Am Unable To Assist You With Creole Translation. I Have Not Referrals Perhaps Someone Else On The Blog Can Be Of Service To You. Flo 12/07/2007
No Ruben, I Am Not A Pretentious Person. I Researched Venezuela's Economie For A Possible Model For Haiti, And I Fournd A Few Info Here And There Written By Others In French And English. I Prefer Spanish And Italian... Flo 12/07/2007
Time Out Flo While You're On The Subject Of Languages. Can You Recommend Somebody Who Can Translate English, Creole? For Now Just Required Infrequently For Internet Site, Chat Roons And Maybe Blogs. Mch 12/06/2007
Hola Flo, Hope You Have A Wonderful Night. I'm Hanging In There For A Few. CIAO Djakut 12/06/2007
Hello, Flo Who Are You? Did You Write This Article? Very Few Haitians Master Both English And French. Well I Am A Graduate Of Saint-Louis-Gonzage So.. Thanks Rubens F. Titus 12/06/2007
I Am Using Linda's Strategy Of "Le Mépris Vaut Mieux Que La Réponse" Not Turn The Other Cheek Thing. Im Off.Ciao. Flo 12/06/2007