hola djakout amazing isn't it.

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I am using Linda's strategy of "Le mépris vaut mieux que la réponse" not turn the other cheek thing.

Im off.Ciao.

Flo, December 6 2007, 6:08 PM


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Boje can call you prof. or he can say that you're desperate for attention all he wants, I want you to know that you're... read more >
Djakut, 6-Dec-07 5:36 pm
Hello Flo, i think somebody's getting jealous and seeking for our attentions here. He aint getting none because he's... read more >
Djakut, 6-Dec-07 5:49 pm
I am using Linda's strategy of "Le mepris vaut mieux que la reponse" not turn the other cheek thing. Im off.Ciao. read more >
Flo, 6-Dec-07 6:08 pm
Hello, Flo who are you? Did you write this article? Very few Haitians master both English and French. Well I am a... read more >
Rubens F. Titus, 6-Dec-07 6:18 pm
Hola Flo, hope you have a wonderful night. i'm hanging in there for a few. CIAO read more >
Djakut, 6-Dec-07 7:41 pm
time out flo while you're on the subject of languages. can you recommend somebody who can translate english, creole... read more >
Mch, 6-Dec-07 8:02 pm
No Ruben, I am not a pretentious person. I researched Venezuela's economie for a possible model for Haiti, and I... read more >
Flo, 7-Dec-07 12:13 pm
Sorry, I am unable to assist you with creole translation. i have not referrals perhaps someone else on the blog can be... read more >
Flo, 7-Dec-07 12:33 pm
flo, thanks just the same. read more >
Mch, 7-Dec-07 2:01 pm
Hi Mitch; I actually do know of a young woman who teaches Creole in California. She has recently publish a wonderful... read more >
Linda, 7-Dec-07 2:22 pm
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