response to the pedantic boje lwijin

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I have just become aware of your rancourous comments.

Although you did have some good points in your previous posts, but I think it's TIME to tackle "your personal attacks" before they get out of hand. I would strongly suggest that you try a different approach in the future, for you have just ran into the wrong person "FLO", so BACK OFF! Your ANTAGONISTIC, VIRULENT, MALICIOUS repartees need to STOP. I was wondering what planet you were from anyway?


Get it?

UR---A-NUS. To write crap like that about people you have never met. " How dare you write this to me?

"It's evident that I do not share your Christian fanatical, crazy ideoligal BUSH its assesments." So What?

what is your point?

" Yes I believe in VODOU" Again what is the objective of your comments?

Haiti is known to be 100% voudou last I heard.

You also wrote this "Christianity is a slaver drivers' religion."There is nothing you can do about this belief of mine." "Maybe if I were in Haiti, you would organize your fellow congregationers, to have my head on a plate just for bulking your whites' dictated, fabricated, manipulated, managed religion." APPARENTLY you have not read my expose on Voudou and my expose on Christianity" Read them in the "archives" before you put your FOOT IN YOUR MOUTH.

You also wrote this "You sound like a fool with time to waste or an old lady going through menapause." You know what they say about people who ASSUME things about others?

They usually make an A.S.S--U---ME (out of U and Me).

Now you are attacking DJAKOUT with this " You remind me of a black guess at the Jerry Springer show, dressing in a hooded black dress, claiming to be a white person being caught on a black skin. Were you one of those guys, in JENA, Louisiana, hanging a noose behind that truck?" And you have the TEMERITY TO WRITE THIS "You are the COWARDS the PARASITES who enjoy free lunch, but can't see themselves helping in the kitchen, preparing dinner from everyone else whose hungry." NOW did DJAKOUT CONFIDE ALL THIS TO YOU?

Again what is your point other than being MALICIOUS.

As far as any of those European languages are concerned, we all had to learn them out of necessity.

I DONT SEE YOU SPEAKING "SWAHILI" or "FON" or any other African languages.

You make a show of knowledge, than you degenerate into an uninspired litany of accusations and MORONIC comments.

Keep my name OUT of your posts, better yet F---off will you, you write like an old frustrated CON yourself.

Spare us your bitter deep-seated ill will. Try to contribute something substantive to this blog. Take your own advice, "You channel your anger in another direction." PS: I do not take orders from nobody.

Again F---off!

Flo, December 5 2007, 1:56 PM

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