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I thought you had not seen that insult some words reminded me of another blogger the way he ( I assume its a he) used to direct people to read certain articles or website, I do not recal you mentioning your profession( a mistake the less people know on a blog like this the better) but this person mentioned it in a previous post I had read from him when I first acquainted myself with this blog, true that person used to post some very good ideas then degenerated into obtuse pettiness could have been more than one person come to think of it or someone who feels personal affront everytime I mentions PEDERASTS.

Tere were a similar accusation like the one made by the individual who keeps advertising his new Haitian website it seemed wrapped into one. Anyhow I had not logged in for a while.

I usually look for things on the economy first, than look for other interesting posts.

That particular one jumped out, because it had my blog name in it. We do get passionate about Haiti sometimes, and its government is an irritant indeed.

Its the personal attacks that are frustrating although Preval is fair game since he is a public figure.

Come to think of it, my efforts to get rid of that elusive and subtle Mckenzy with his veiled insults, and that one mean message to Unknown ( you know the one who call Haitian savages and they are known to committ identity thieft got to me) They could be viewed as personal attacks also. No one is perfect.

Sometimes I contribute something I hope thats worthwhile other times I just get frustrated and react.

I do love to spar with people believe me its a great training for my future profession.

Your point is well taken though, Le mépris vaut mieux que la réponse.

I do expect to get cream everytime I make a derogatory comments about the government, its probably emerging from those same criminals who are stealing from the national coffers.

Like the post in french you shared with us previously it says in french that stealing do pay, they are received at every salon.

Their children are at least getting an education.

My mother said its a three generational thing, the fruit never falls too far from the tree. Children of criminals usually have criminal tendencies.

I do not think it's stamped in their DNA like my grand-mother usually says, but If there are no consequences, they will continue to do the same thing each generation until Haiti becomes a totally failed State.

Consequently "You Haitians" has become an insult.

Flo, December 3 2007, 1:57 PM

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