Weigh In Haiti's Head of State

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Describe in one word how you would like to be remembered as president.

This is a question that you may want to consider as you glance at your presidency and perceive yourself as politician with regard to achievement pertaining to the nation and the country that you serve.

If you we were to mimic the Janet Jackson's song " What have you done for the country, lately as head of state."
Is it better, now or before you came on board?

In order to better assist you in assessing yourself, I present this notion, which you may opt to take into consideration.

It has bee proven to be ineffective having a new admnistration forming of the previous administration's "De Facto" Diplomats.

How do yo serve the best interest of the people who elected you through the lens of othersmeaning other administration yet before you?

Are meeting resistance to change or you have a more of layback leadership style.

Haiti is on a rope, Sir. Good luck to you.

Thanks, Johnson

Johnson Alexander, December 1 2007, 2:11 PM

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