Empty accusations about blogger ID are pointless

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Hi Flo;

I don't want to hurt your feelings Flo, and I hope you don't take what I'm about to say personally as it is meant to be a general comment--not a direct response to you. The fact is that I don't know nor do I care who Nelson Jean-Phillip is. Whether someone else has used my blog name or not is also a totally moot question for me. In my opinion accusing blogger of stealing another's identity is irrational.

There is really no way to know who is at the other end of a post, so why the accusations.

Am I the original Linda?

There's no way for anyone to know. If I say yes, what proof can the bloggers use to verify my answer as true or false?

If no one can prove or disprove these type of accusations, than it is pointless for anyone to pay attention to them. About discussions on blogger identity, I think it was Gros Mornes or Move Jan (don't want to check spelling) who once said to stop bickering about the petty things, and frankly I agree with them. Is Nelson Jean-Phillip Ti Malice, I don't know nor do I care (although I doubt it because, so far, Ti Malice had brought only stimulating discourses to the table--that does not imply that I agreed with everything he said. However, his opinions were centered and never accusatory like this new blogger Nelson Jean-Phillip.) The idea of a blog like this is to share our thoughts, no one can really know who is at the other end of a particular post. There's no way for us bloggers to verify that type of information.

I don't have a clue who you are Flo, nor do I know if you are even the original Flo. You telling me that you are or are not would not change that. You see the problem?

The same goes for me. Hence, my telling this N Jean-Phillip that I am or am not the original Linda would be a waist of my time. That is why I did not bother to answer the post. I did notice that on this site, those who criticize the President's performance tend to get creamed.

That's a is a pity because that limits debate about important issues and causes constant friction.

Linda, December 1 2007, 1:26 PM

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