Tourism in Haiti

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I admire your optimism Greg. I hope it is not short lived.

My mother would be willing to contribute lets say 5 dollars extra everytime she sends money to our grand-aunt who is childless.

But she does not plan to support any corrupt government thieves because the tax money always seem to find its way into their personal bank account.

W.I.I.F.M (Whats In It For Me) or for us, nothing really just a little contribution for the future of mother Haiti.

When our grand-aunt dies we are going to separate the land and donate one acre to each worker who have been working for her. We are not interested in growing anything in Haiti.

All of us plan to retire on other beautiful islands in the caribbean.

Unfortunately we said adieu to Haiti a long time ago. I hope that those sharks don't start that strong arm tatic with your project.

They like to have their palms greased lavishly as if you are running a charity organization instead of a business.Good Luck.

Flo, November 30 2007, 3:35 PM

Topic: Japan=Tourism from the Orient

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It is simple, the haitian parliament is part of the kidnapping too, that's why they don't want to vote a death... read more >
Djakut, 28-Nov-07 9:43 pm
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Lionel L. Vernet, 29-Nov-07 4:06 pm
Its Haiti's leaders who are diabolical. They were too busy stealing from mother Haiti and killing Haitian people so... read more >
Flo, 29-Nov-07 10:39 pm
I think that is great that Japanese potential tourists are considering Haiti. James, the people who responded to this... read more >
Greg Peters, 30-Nov-07 12:10 am
I think the Ford deal was a ten year deal. read more >
Djakut, 30-Nov-07 3:10 pm
I admire your optimism Greg. I hope it is not short lived. My mother would be willing to contribute lets say 5 dollars... read more >
Flo, 30-Nov-07 3:35 pm
Today,every politician is talking about decentralization.Do you believe they want to decentralize the country? On one... read more >
Tony Saint Festin, 30-Nov-07 4:10 pm
I have heard that American Eagle may fly to Cap-Haitien at some point in time, but this is the first time that I have... read more >
James, 30-Nov-07 5:30 pm
In response to James: On March 23rd,2007.The vice-president of Spirit airlines Michael Pewther and the haitian... read more >
Tony Saint Festin, 30-Nov-07 6:53 pm
Greg, just like Flo said: good luck to you. Last time i visited Haiti was in 1995. My mind is now in Martinique. Ciao read more >
Djakut, 1-Dec-07 4:02 pm
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