Kidnapping in Haiti What about the Government

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Its Haiti's leaders who are diabolical.

They were too busy stealing from mother Haiti and killing Haitian people so they could rule for life. You know the African chief law of the jungle thing!! Meanwhile the population grew I beleive from 6 to 8 million people.

The government did not invest in education nor created jobs for all those young people.

The result is anarchy.

They turned to crimes to survive.

Before that it was the government who used to kidnap people before dawn to torture them. A lot of businessmen were arrested at 5 am thrown in the back of pickup trucks and treated like animals for the sole purpose of intimidating them to buy worthless government bonds.

My mother used to talk about Madame Germain's son Yves who was picked up and was killed just for having among his personal library many books about socialism.

He was an intellectual, their only child, he was not connected with any group.

They kill that religious couple only son. Why dont Haitians form a type of CIA and go after all those notorious thieves and criminals who are living lavishly in France, The United States ect. They should not be hard to find. We should get those who cause the country to become that way to prevent others from doing the same thing in the future.

People wil continue to do wrong only when there is no consequences.

Like they say the lessons are repeated until they are learned.

Flo, November 29 2007, 10:39 PM

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Djakut, 28-Nov-07 9:43 pm
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Lionel L. Vernet, 29-Nov-07 4:06 pm
Its Haiti's leaders who are diabolical. They were too busy stealing from mother Haiti and killing Haitian people so... read more >
Flo, 29-Nov-07 10:39 pm
I think that is great that Japanese potential tourists are considering Haiti. James, the people who responded to this... read more >
Greg Peters, 30-Nov-07 12:10 am
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Djakut, 30-Nov-07 3:10 pm
I admire your optimism Greg. I hope it is not short lived. My mother would be willing to contribute lets say 5 dollars... read more >
Flo, 30-Nov-07 3:35 pm
Today,every politician is talking about decentralization.Do you believe they want to decentralize the country? On one... read more >
Tony Saint Festin, 30-Nov-07 4:10 pm
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James, 30-Nov-07 5:30 pm
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Tony Saint Festin, 30-Nov-07 6:53 pm
Greg, just like Flo said: good luck to you. Last time i visited Haiti was in 1995. My mind is now in Martinique. Ciao read more >
Djakut, 1-Dec-07 4:02 pm
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