Japan=Tourism from the Orient

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it seems that the Japanese are taking an interest in Haiti as a tourist destination.

I think that is great.

I notice some people from my 'stats' on my Haiti website.

Maybe Japan Airlines (JAL) will think about operating a weekly flight to Port au Prince.

That would be a step in the right direction.

James, November 28 2007, 6:54 PM

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Djakut, 28-Nov-07 9:43 pm
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Flo, 29-Nov-07 10:39 pm
I think that is great that Japanese potential tourists are considering Haiti. James, the people who responded to this... read more >
Greg Peters, 30-Nov-07 12:10 am
I think the Ford deal was a ten year deal. read more >
Djakut, 30-Nov-07 3:10 pm
I admire your optimism Greg. I hope it is not short lived. My mother would be willing to contribute lets say 5 dollars... read more >
Flo, 30-Nov-07 3:35 pm
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Tony Saint Festin, 30-Nov-07 4:10 pm
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James, 30-Nov-07 5:30 pm
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Tony Saint Festin, 30-Nov-07 6:53 pm
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