The Japanese export-led economy is a good idea which is being...

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The Japanese export-led economy is a good idea which is being adopted by countries in Latin America.

But Haiti has not invested in education.

They do not make cars. Haiti has subsistence farming not commercial farming.

Private companies should buy land from the peasants and start some commercial farming or the government should allocate land that are not being used like all those ravines to grow sugar canes, coffee, and fruit trees.

We can start our own green revolution, that money would allow the population to acquire some education then move to manufacturing.

There are many islands that could turn into tourists resorts that would pump billions of dollars into the economy.

For the banking industry to be successful the government would have to change its practices.

Haiti need a new government, we need to start from scratch.

Democracy has not work so far in Haiti.

We need a good dose of socialism, it has worked for France.

We need to do things our own way, do what works best for us. We should not let other countries pressure us. They have never truly help us. The US just invade us to restore peace to prevent the economic refugees from claiming political asylum.

As far as IMF is concern Haiti is already at their mercy the Airline and telecommunication contracts are preventing Haiti to compete and create their own Airline and telecommunication industry.

They were asking Haiti to pay off the interest on loans not too long ago from the time of Duvalier instead of writing them off, which led me to believe they want to explore for oil. Haiti should have oil and gold because that part of the island is mountainous and was given birth due to a lot of volcanic activity.

Thats my personal opinion, I am not an expert.

We should ask Venezuela for their assistance for a certain percentage of interest.

We do have friends in Latin America and the Caribbeans.

They just don't like it when we invade their country like the Bahamas where 27% of their hotel workers are Haitians.

that take away jobs from their own people.

Because Haitians will do a good job and work for cheaper wages.

that's the same problem Haitians have with African Americans in Florida.

They cannot compete.

The missile thing!!!! Stop playing!!!

Taiino, November 28 2007, 12:35 PM


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The Japanese export-led economy is a good idea which is being adopted by countries in Latin America. But Haiti has not... read more >
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Rubens Titus, 28-Nov-07 2:16 pm
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