All you are saying is very true. My advice to all Haitians...

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All you are saying is very true. My advice to all Haitians diaspora and natives is to unite and be positive.

You have to come together and work as one. I believe that it is possible to soften ignorant people and help them love their people and their country.

When you are shooting for a goal, you have to look straight ahead.

It is good to be aware of mountains ahead but you have keep on trucking ahead.

The situation in Haiti can be solved.

I have proposed a full proof solution with the Tortuga Project.

Haitians are concentrating too much on Port-au-Prince.

You have to do baby steps.

Isolate an area and develop it as a test site. All you need is basic infrastructure like roads, electricity, water, airport, port and security.

Your idea of the island of La Gonave is good as well. You should present your idea to the Preval administration and see what happens.

If nothing happens keep pushing and surround yourself with positive people.

Preval himself truly wants to see quick and drastic changes in the country.

The problem is that he holds minority seats in parliament and senate.

So, whatever is trying to do will either be stopped or slow to move. When Preval won the presidency, he unfortunatetely could not win majority administration I have already submitted the Tortuga Project to key people.

We just have to be able to open the administration's eyes to progress.

We have to convince them to become like the real Haitians of 1804 who united to beat France for their independence.

They are very selfish and only see their pockets.

We have to help them to be patriotic and altruistic.

Just have faith in God and please act. Do something to help the country.

Not just talk!

Greg Peters, November 27 2007, 5:19 PM

Topic: Tortuga Project - THE Solution for Haiti

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All you are saying is very true. My advice to all Haitians diaspora and natives is to unite and be positive. You have... read more >
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