japan economic model and haiti's future

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Japan economic model and suvival despite the United States atomic attack so Pleaaaaase lay off the excuses:
Japans initial economic success led to development of the "flying geese" concept which other Asian countries adopted.

Japan by the way is not hospitable to foreign investment.

Instead its policies and practices are compulsory saving deductions aimed at curtailing consumption, and compelling high rates of saving, large investment in industries such as steel, autos and semiconductors with high capital and technological content already established or under development in the West. Their allocation of capital primarily through the banking system with government guarantees of very high debt levels in major industries with emphasis on exports and cozy insider relations among businesses and between business and government.

So the Japanese economic success stem from years of cooperation of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and banks in closely knit groups called keiretsu, the powerful enterprise unions, shunto, and a cozy relations with government bureaucrats, and the guarantee of lifetime employment in big corporations and highly unionized blue-collar factories.

(got this from their economic model).

As a result the little Japanese island became a first world economy.

Latin America is more focused than ever on the export-led growth model, with imports falling and exports rising rapidly.

To avoid the pitfalls of the IMF a developing country should never borrow from them or the World Bank because they focus on the breakup of cartels in their target country with thorough deregulation of distribution channels and services industries such as airlines, telecommunications, and retailing, trade liberalization; and privatization of state-owned or operated enterprises.

In fact their regulatory branch the WTO work to impoverish the economies of other countries for various commercial reasons, such as easy and cheap access to raw materials, manpower such as slave supply for sweatshops and factories and so on.
The Haitian government would have to change at the very core to give Haiti's future a chance.

I don't see this happening with all those individuals who like to play the blame game. They rather blame the entire world instead of themselves for their rapacity, voracity and poor judgment.

My mother likes to tell this true story about a Haitian ex-government big shot who went to France, when they were checking his suitcases at the airport they found a rather large envelop witch contained numerous degrees: The guy was a doctor, lawyer, accountant, engineer etc.etc. The French were laughing at him. You would think that while he was stealing the money from the government coffers that he would have hired a private tutor to educate himself.

No No No, it was easier to get himself some false diplomas.

Since he is ignorant he can't produce nothing.

I believe this says it all about the future of Haiti.

Please reply to subject not to me.

Flo, November 27 2007, 3:53 PM


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