Tortuga Project - THE Solution for Haiti

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I met Wyclef a few years ago and he was asking me how to fix Haiti.

I really admired Wyclef's determination and love for his country.

He is the only Haitian artist that I know that truly cares for his country and actually act upon it. To make proof of it, he created an organization called Yele. For that matter I told him, I will give thought to the Haiti situation and come up with concrete solutions that he can submit to the people in charge in Haiti.

The first thing that I did to help is to put Haiti on the map. A lot of people do not even know where Haiti is and do not know its powerful history.

I wrote a pre-script and submitted it to Hollywood.

Then they developed it to a full script.

My pre-script was about Haiti's independence and the life of Toussaint.

The Haitian independence was a major influence to other slaves freedom in the early 1800's. My pre-scripts is now in full production in Africa with Wesley Snipes playing the role of Toussaint.

The movie I believe will put Haiti on the map and hopefully in the future will help in tourism for the island.

I hope the movie does the same that it did for the Mandela movie and South Africa.

The second part of my contribution to Haiti is to submit concrete solutions for the country.

I submitted a piece to the Miami Herald newspaper on Haiti concerning the Tortuga Project.

Please read and let me know what you think of it. Perhaps, we can find a way to submit our ideas to the Preval administration or someone with power in Haiti that can make things happen.

...I am not Haitian but I can easily see a SOLUTION for Haiti.

The Haitian diaspora gives 2 billion dollars per year to their relatives for survival.

While this is good, it is only a temporary relief.

Month after month you still have to send money to your relatives.

Why not teach them how to fish instead of giving them the fish! A concrete solution for Haiti is to start small by using one of the 5 smalls islands that it owns. For example Tortuga island can be prepared for development.

Haitians can organize and send money into a trustworthy fund that will manage the fund for projects for Tortuga island.

For the size of Tortuga, all you would need is about 300 million dollars.

You would need 7 things.

1) Roads 2) Water 3) Electricity 4) Sea Port 5) Airport 6) Trustworthy Police Force (Security) 7) Marketing plan. You would then need to market the island to multi-national companies and rich Haitians to come and open resorts, hotels, restaurants etc...

You would not sell the land to companies but lease them. You would tax the companies.

Local employment would be created and the taxes and tourism profits would help the rest of Haiti.

Once you have enough money, you can do the same for the other 4 islands including (Navasa or Ile a Vache also named Port-Morgan, see ).

Port-Morgan can be used as Eco-Tourism for its natural flora and beauty.

The Haitian diapora is sending 2 billion dollars per year to its relatives.

Why not reach out to the international Haitian diaspora living in Miami, New York, Canada and France to donate 300 million dollars to start a project for Tortuga.

That money can be collected in less than 1 year. Why wait for international aid handouts that are only creating parasites for sinecures.

Why not take this plan I suggested and put it into action.

Recommend the Tortuga plan to the Preval administration and start marketing it to Haitians living abroad.

If Haitians truly love their country which I think they do because they are sending 2 billion dollars per year to help feed their relatives.

Help them think to redirect some of that money into a fund that will help them for the future by teaching them how to fish. Furthermore, we should open up the ports in Haiti for free trade.

This will lower the cost of goods in Haiti and allow free enterprise.

This is the way you encourage investors to come in the country and invest agressively.

For those of you who are Saint Thomases and negative.

Have a little faith in the Haitian people.

The money for the Tortuga project can be raised easier than you think.

The Haitian diaspora is sending 2 billion dollars per year to their relatives in Haiti via primarily from money transfer such as Western Union and CAM. You guys are not using your brains fully.

Think! 10% of the money sent can be redirected to a credible organization (e.g., United Nations) for specifically funding the Tortuga Project.

That translates into 200 million dollars per year. For example, someone sends $100 to their love one in Haiti.

$10 will be put aside for the Tortuga Project.

The means are already there to force the Haitian diaspora to donate the money.

All there is to do is to wake up the Haitian diaspora patriotic duty and make them understand that the Tortuga Project is a concrete solution for the entire country.

Whatever organization you choose to manage the money must me very strictly accountable for it and report progress in order to avoid corruption.

For those of you who do not know anything about Tortuga.

It is one of the world's best places for kitesurfing.

It is even better than Cabarete, in the Dominican Republic.

The beaches are incredible and prestine.

Preval himself has been there.

But I believe they do not know how to develop the place.

All there is to do is to set up a basic infrastructure.

I belive that 300 million dollars is sufficient.

The rest will be done by investors.

It is easy to point out Haiti's problems but you have to be able to come up with concrete solutions and act on it.

Greg Peters, November 26 2007, 1:12 PM

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