what can women do to avoid being vitimized

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Take self defense classes, do not be a fool, take martial arts classes.

Learn Judo, Kick boxing.

Love yourself first really really love yourself.

Self-defense is not a crime.

Become financially independent.

Have money in the bank for emergencies before you become pregnant.

That's usually when the beatings start, when you are weak and dependent.

I am personally going to choose the sex of my child with all this new scientific technology available, YES I am a FEMINIST and I refuse to give birth to anymore war mongers.

I certainly refuse to be victimized by MISOGYNIST MEN period.

Join the military get trained and payed while you are at it. Be aware that its a six year contract, then (they) try to keep you in by luring you with all kinds of benefits.

But who wants to DIE PREMATURELY anyway.

Life goes on GET OUT to that business world use you free training and experience to your benefit.

Apres tout La Vie Est Belle! Lear to kick butts or get you butt kicked.

Your choice.

Video1 Martial art training women.

video2 Judo Female vs. Male. Video3 Women in the military.


Got to go I have some pumpkin pie waiting.

Will not hear from me anytime soon!!!!! Touloulou!!!!

Flo, November 21 2007, 4:59 PM

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