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The word of GOD said; if the nations of the world come back to me, humble themselve and repent, GOD said that he will restore theirs lands, elevate them, and ill theirs sickness and diseases, remove theirs generational curses, and destroy the spirit and mind set of poverty.

It is time for the so call leaders of this great country that is ours to come together in unity.

It is time for political leaders and christian leaders to bring our nation together, to give the country back to GOD, So our land can be restore.

Only GOD can do that. No other man, no other gods. Only JESUS-CHRIST, our Lord.
I am not here by here by accident, I'm here by divine appointment.

I was mandate by GOD to deliver this message to you. The choice you make will determine your outcome; to lead as president or to die like your ancestors.

Choose wisely.

Yes, I am Haitian, an angel of light.

If you want to prosecute me, go ahead.

GOD is the judge.

Here are my informations :

Harold Gabelus, November 20 2007, 8:19 PM

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Hey Harold, this repost is for you. Let me mention to you some example of violence and destruction caused by GOD... read more >
Linda, 20-Nov-07 10:47 pm


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