slavery exist in muslim north africa

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Slavery still exist in Arab countries and North African Muslim Countries in some places Haitians hardly ever hear of such as MAURITANIA.


Muslim can have sex with slaves and children.

I am seeing red already about RELIGION AGAIN.

Besides ALL THE WOMEN THEY KEEP AS SEX SLAVES( refusing them an education refusing them a job they get married at 13 and some 30 year old man start raping them every night) Haitian women don't even think about CONVERTING to that oppressive male dominated religion)( I will kick their A.S.S. in the name of that Allah instead) Anyhow, they have black SLAVES from Eastern, Western and Southern regions of African people that they kidnapped.

They have only recently passed a law in August 2007 to discontinue the practice.

When is this nightmare is ever going to end. Men can have sex with infants and six year old girls according to sharia laws and women get stoned to death for adultery not the men they don't even get beat up. How sick are these arabs and these black Muslims can get all in the name of God.)
video1 Black Slavery in Mauritania.

Video2 children being chained to force to learn islam 9yr old black girls rape used as concubines.

Video3Islam allows men rights to have sex with infants.

Video4 children dying in Africa Video 5-6 Women being stone to death

Flo, November 20 2007, 2:37 PM


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