Hi, I never said I want to be president my dear. You are...

Rubens Titus - November 18 2007, 4:45 PM

Hi, I never said I want to be president my dear. You are equating leadership with presidency.

I think you need a new vision.

I already led for several years.

I organized the neighborhood against the zinglindos.

I was a teenager and involved in 1988 when the killing machine was assasinating every young man they could find. ( I will spare you the details.) I managed to convince many of the teenagers (around my age at that time) in the neighborhood to stay in school.

I created Tet Ansam organization since 1984. I tought alphabetization for four years.

I served in Faculte des Sciences student government for 2 years.

I started my first business with four other friends in 1989 - ( boite fresco & manba production).

I organized prize contests just to show everyone education is money and power.

And much more.

You cannot take nothing away from me.

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Rubens; all that you stated I can also state...that...


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