hatians are exploited in the dominican republic

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Haitians are being exploited in the Dominican Republic and what is Preval doing about it. Here is a heart wrenching Video1.

What does the Garcia in Preval's name represent.

Is he Part Dominican?

Our brothers are working like slaves in the Dominican Republic.

Haitians should not help them get financially healthy it only increase their arrogance and threaten our future existence on the island.

Why can't we produce our own sugar.

Our forefathers sacrificed their lives to prevent Haitians from being treated as slaves.

Video2 When democracy = Empire.

Haiti in there.

Democracy to avoid Tyranny.

To prevent a ruler to keep on ruling forever.


Flo, November 14 2007, 12:50 PM

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All i can say, the American Gov and the Haitian Gov. are responsible for this situation not the Dominicans. Cause the... read more >
Djakut, 15-Nov-07 12:42 am
Hi, Right on. Now we are getting somewhere to a national consensus of opinions. Keep up the discussions. Thanks. read more >
Rubens Titus, 16-Nov-07 7:45 pm
You are absolutly right my brother, not only the Dominican Republic is draining our economy, the real problem is that... read more >
Robert P Toussaint, 17-Nov-07 3:52 pm
your argument is stupid...! its not the Dominicans fault! Haitians need to stop blaming their issues on the Dominican... read more >
Johanna, 26-Jan-10 9:45 am


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