african roomates nightmare

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This is a warning to all Haitians brothers and sisters who let an African student reside in their homes.

My friend from Brazil did this and last weekend the African roommate from Kenya tried to rape her when her other roommate was out. This is the same guy who did not pay the rent for two months because he claimed his scholarship money had not arrived yet and they let him stay. They kept missing 5$ here and there, he kept dipping into their food. Finally on Saturday night if her other roommate had not returned home early because she had forgotten her identification card the guy would have raped her. She was quite out of it. It seems he had sneaked into her bedroom and made her inhale some type of gas the veterinarians used to put animals to sleep before surgery (he worked part time at a pet shop) The guy is working on a doctorate economic degree one would never think him capable of such deed. Since he is ugly just like Satan little brother maybe he could not find any girlfriends.

From my experience with a few Nigerians it seems that no matter how educated some of those Africans are they act as if they are uncivilize.

They seemed to be governed by the laws of the jungle i.e. they get violent to get what they want and they are lecherous.

Borrowing for them means GIVE me. You will never see the bicycle you let them borrow or the 20 dollars you could have gotten yourself a few cappuccinos with. I had to go snatch my color TV back from this one Nigerian Dud, I let him borrow it for the weekend to watch the world cup and he did not return it after a month.

Those self ingratiating African women are not that much different either, They try to get as much as they can out of you with those sob stories.

They use you nicely.

One of them ruined a 150$ leather jacket I made the mistake of lending her. The entire collar was coated with grease stains and no amount of dry cleaning was going to remove that strong woodsy smell from the junction of the sleeves.

Do not buy plane tickets from African students.

They buy them on credit than change the ticket departure date twice and the airline too to give them time to sell the ticket.

You end up with a worthless piece of paper.

My friend did not have the guy from Kenya arrested for he would have lost his student visa. He told her he wanted his security deposit back despite the fact he had not payed rent for two months.

He told her he was going to take her to court so she can prove that he did not pay the rent. Someone like that has automatically closed the door permanently for any other African student who may be looking to share a house or an apartment.

I for one is not going to rent them or let them borrow anything after all that.

Flo, November 14 2007, 12:10 PM

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