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Who is going to vote for Obama?

All Americans know that a vote for Hillary is also a vote for Bill Clinton who most likely will be running the country through his wife. I honestly do not think that Obama is going to get the democratic nomination.

Even if he run as an "independent" the only thing he is going to do is split the democratic vote in half and give the republicans an opportunity to win. People think this is a real democracy but in reality its a capitalist and imperialist country.

Those who pull the strings give money to candidates of their choice who will do their bidding.

Besides rumor has it that Baby Bush will get into a war towards the end of his term in order to postpone the 2008 elections.

The CIA has become the personal army of the president.

Rumor has it as stated in Perkins second book that Papa Bush bombed Panama to retrieve some videos that Noriega had secretly recorded Baby Bush having Kinky sex and snorting cocaine at a Panama resort.

Noriega was due to be released since September 2007 but an American judge wants to have him extradited to France on charges of money laundering which would effectively keep him in jail for another decade.

The US has the largest Nuclear weapons arsenal in the world.

The US is the only remaining superpower in the world.

The US is 5% of world population yet consume 25% and polute 30%.

Video1 New world order.

Video2 Bush on Iran (propaganda before the attack) Video3 CIA.

Flo, November 13 2007, 3:16 PM

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