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There seem to be a debate going on about political parties in Haiti however the following are the well known political parties, and maybe we can get back to the economy :
Lespwa is the main political force in both Parliament composed of a 30-seat Senate and a 99-member Chamber of Deputies however Fusion, UNION, Alyans, OPL, and Famni Lavals have many representatives in both chambers..

Principal Government Officials
President--Rene Preval
Prime Minister--Jacques-Edouard Alexis
Minister of Foreign Affairs--Jean Reynald Clerisme
Minister of Justice--Rene Magloire
Minister of Economy and Finances--Daniel Dorsainvil
Ambassador to the U.S.--Raymond Joseph
Ambassador to the OAS--Duly Brutus, Chargé d'Affaires
Ambassador to the UN--Leo Mérores, Chargé d'Affaires
Some of us need to find out the e-mail address of Jean Reynald Clerisme and Daniel Dorsainvil to let them know what we think about their job performance.

Flo, November 8 2007, 5:45 PM

Topic: pourquoi tous ces partis

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Linda, I just read thru the 11 posts on this blog. I'm Jacques Laurent living in Georgia. I don't know who Reginald... read more >
Jacques Laurent, 8-Nov-07 3:14 pm
You are obviously a novice in politic if that at all, so i don't blame you. You are just another Haitian who has no... read more >
Reginald Jean-jacques, 8-Nov-07 5:25 pm
There seem to be a debate going on about political parties in Haiti however the following are the well known political... read more >
Flo, 8-Nov-07 5:45 pm
Hi Reginald Jean-jacques; you have just proven me right about cowardly acts used when no serious counter argument can... read more >
Linda, 8-Nov-07 5:47 pm
OK all this is becoming seriously time consuming, but here's one final post on this subject. Some people on this blog... read more >
Linda, 8-Nov-07 6:05 pm
What if they just hit delete? Thanks read more >
Rubens Titus, 8-Nov-07 6:34 pm
Another Preval supporter with no honest answer. This is a blog, no one cares who hits the delete button, so you go for... read more >
Joel, 8-Nov-07 9:45 pm
so why do haiti have so many political parties? read more >
Joel, 8-Nov-07 9:51 pm
Linda: I am an independent and do not have a specific leader in Haiti. However, these listed facts cannot be done even... read more >
Haitivice, 8-Nov-07 10:38 pm
Haitivice this was a very good analysis, and some really great suggestions for solutions. It's too bad no one in the... read more >
Linda, 9-Nov-07 12:10 am
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