An intellectual using his noncommon sense about u

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Sometimes it is better to ignore an individual instead of responding back. If that scientist is that good to associate the Virus to the Haitians people why can/t he find a cure for that desease known as one the seerious killers in America.

He would like haitians to market him as a a well known doctor but let us focuss on what really matter to us. Let us not motivate him to be recognized as a significant individual but as a pure sheer racist.

Yes, he is missing the logical sense to market himself with something so negative that can contribute to the end of his career with unforgettable souvenirs
Did he forget how many haitians took the street of New york city walking on top of Brooklyn Bridge in 1990 to protest similar declarations by United Stated.

More than 10000 haitians descended the Brooklyn bridge that forced the local authority to present their excuses to us as a nation.

Dear doctor, before you make such declaration, make some research.

Dominique, November 7 2007, 9:54 AM

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Dominique; I'm not sure what point you are trying to make...first you say let's ignore this scientist, then you say... read more >
Linda, 7-Nov-07 12:56 pm
I agree that we should ignore that fool of a scientist. This matter was answered by CDC in 1982. Why should we relive... read more >
Jacques Laurent, 7-Nov-07 4:42 pm
Hey Jacques Laurent, I will provide you with the response I gave to an earlier post, except that this time I will... read more >
Linda, 7-Nov-07 6:21 pm
well said Laurent.Time is too precious to be lost in unsignificant matters.Let us move towards things that impact... read more >
Dominique Jean Francois, 9-Nov-07 9:32 am


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