Haiti Economic Issues. Perkins Economic Hit Men

Zemi - November 7 2007, 1:20 AM

Another US stooge?

when is this political bouhaha going to end.This Perkins video(after that long report,..please make it shorter next time) that entails US corporate greed and one of the reasons of Aristide's departure makes sense, but its only one reason.

If President Preval is an alcoholic as he is rumored to be he can take medication to help him combat such personal weakness.

Preval would do well to surround himself with economic advisers and brain storm with business graduates.

He needs to get Haiti the best deals that would benefit the country in the long run. I am not an economist but I know that one should never place all their eggs in one basket sort of speak when they are investing.

What will happen to Haiti if the US economy crash?

He needs to diversify and make contracts with different countries specially in Latin America and Canada.

Is Preval willing to face character assassination or even sacrifice his very life for Haiti?

After accepting all this money from The World Bank, IMF and The US if he refuses to continue to sell out Haiti to American Corporations and contractors they will demand their pound of flesh.

I heard Preval wants to make changes in the 1987 constitution.

Is Preval looking forward for a third term in office or is he paving the way for another United States Stooge.

With all due respect.



Topic for next week: please share your ideas, post an economic model. Contribute.

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