WellMr.Presidentshow me that your true color

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Are you going to take a stand and let them know that HIV is virus that doesn't discriminate or are you going to keep your lips seal?Mr.President, it's time that you realize that Zoizo mechan is not helping anyone but themselves.Our electricity, agriculture,security, education, e.t.c should be in charge by us.They are laughing at us and begging them for all our needs.Life is like an ATM at a bank, if you put nothing in you won't get nothing out of it.STOP BEGGING.

Bagay bien simp:PLANTE NA RECOLTE.

FE Kanal po dlo pa pote'n ale, Yo fe yo voye ba nou an'n fe voye ba yo tou.An'n fe lame pa'n pou defan'n nou.Come on people!

Lloyd, November 5 2007, 7:08 AM

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