Dear bloggers, "the battle of the minds' was not posted in ts...

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Dear bloggers, "the battle of the minds' was not posted in ts entirety for some unknown reason.

I try to add what was missing based on my recollection of what I wrote that early morning.

" It is so sad to see that the intellectuals cannot get along over any issues.

Instead of profoundly analyzing a comment to discern the smallest grain of truth, they jump into name calling.

It is so sad to see the "intellectuals" of this site setting a bad example by being judgmental and intolerant toward each other! It is sad to see these intellectual resources being wasted on profanities, names calling and the adoption of a dictatorial attitude.

My father who was a peasant said once show said "These intellectual set a bad examples for the "analphabets"; they are always arguing over books, who knows who, and who reads what; they fight about everything: the bible, politic, women etc....they are the one responsible for our country illness, they are bad examples".

I was laughing at him; I thought he was jealous of them! I was so wrong! Honestly, here on this blog we do the same thing, we fight each other with our "vast knowledge" we think we know it all and refuse to learn anything new...

this is pure irony when we put so much emphasis on our education, but fail to educate someone who does not measure to our standard.

We let that person dwell in his/her ignorance, we forget that ignorance breeds ignorance and does it with no effort and fast, however education is an arduous process, it takes time to enlighten people.

This blog offers us the opportunity to learn, discuss and educate.

It should be a place where maids, doctors, lawyers, factory workers, nurses, taxi cabs driver or any Haitian regardless of their religious beliefs, political affiliation, ethnicity, place of residence etc. could come and discuss with respect the problems of our country.

The dictators and fascist use physical and political means to exterminate their opponents.

But, we, the so called "Intellectuals", we use our education as a weapon to demonize, antagonize, and destroy those who do not share our views.

We should utilize our education to elevate the unfortunate, engage in fruitful and positive discussion with our peers, instead of trashing them in mud and attack their self esteem and personality.

We forget the most basic rule of dialogue: listening.

We forget that light often originate from the clash of ideas...Our arrogance, name calling, and derogatory attitude toward each other is counter- productive and will maintain the status quo. We protect dearly our right to speak, yet anytime our opponent opens his/her mouth we want to kill him/her. Our intolerance toward others is sickening and leads nowhere.

I believe it's Chirac who once said, there are more ideas in two heads than one, he further added "Face a l'intolerance et la haine, il n'y a pas de transaction possible, pas de compromission possible, pas de debat possible".

We fight over insignificant things to the point we are similar to Voltaire's insects "se devorant les un les autre sur un petit atome de boue".

Let be civilized and courteous on this blog! Let our interaction be guided by our national motto: LIBERTE including the right to disagree, EGALITE: we are all Haitians, were all being persecuted around the world, regardless of who you think you are. Just being Haitian is ground for humiliation, we have enough of that! Once we come here our level of education does not matter and should not be an excuse to be terrorized, intimidated, and to be treated like inferior or treat others as such...FRATERNITE: we are all Haitians, we are brother.

Aren't we?

When we do everything, or interact with anyone let's think about the principles of freedom, equality and brotherhood.

This is when and only when we can talk of Republique D'Haiti.

Like our famous Jacques Pierre said " Haiti a besoin de tous ses fils" Therefore, Mackenzie and Linda, Flo and Mardochard, TI Malice and Unknown, Papa Legba and Robert St-fleur, Gros-Morne and Jacques Pierre, Ti Jan Danto, Agarou, Djakout, Gerard, Ruben Titus and all those who regularly post a comment on this post let's start all over again.

I wish that none of you leave this interesting blog because of me!

Ti Malice, October 26 2007, 11:10 AM

Topic: The battle of the minds!

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Dear bloggers, "the battle of the minds' was not posted in ts entirety for some unknown reason. I try to add what was... read more >
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Mardochard Louis, 26-Oct-07 1:37 pm
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