The battle of the minds!

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It is so sad to see that the intellectuals can not get along over any issues.

Instead of proufoundly analyzing a comment to discern the smallest grain of truth, they jump into name calling.

It is so sad to see the "intellectuals" of this site setting a bad example by being jugemental and intolerant toward each other! It is sad to see these intelletual resources being wasted on profanities, names calling and the adoption of a dictatorial attitude.

My father who was a peasant said once

Ti Malice, October 25 2007, 2:59 AM

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Ti-Malice, Strangely enough I am in agreement with you as far as the supposed "intellectuals" of this blog(of which I... read more >
Mckenzie, 25-Oct-07 12:34 pm
Stop all this nonsense! McKenzie I have read your current and previous posts. May I remind you this is a Blog FOR ALL... read more >
Flo, 25-Oct-07 4:23 pm
Flo, Your anti-semitism is showing. Cordially, McKenzie P.S. If you judge my intelligence with a few misspelled words... read more >
Mckenzie, 25-Oct-07 6:20 pm
Hi Mckenzie! Greetings, No one shouldn't criticize the misspelled words which inadvertently occurred in some one... read more >
Mardochard Louis, 25-Oct-07 10:09 pm
BOASTFUL McKenzie, your ARROGANCE has no bound. Again you are making disparaging assumptions and comments about... read more >
Flo, 26-Oct-07 2:11 am
Dear bloggers, "the battle of the minds' was not posted in ts entirety for some unknown reason. I try to add what was... read more >
Ti Malice, 26-Oct-07 11:10 am
Mr Mardochard, I have to applude your way of talikng to us. If I was working with the night I wrote this topic, i... read more >
Ti Malice., 26-Oct-07 11:24 am
Tonton " ZIZI", koman ou ye, mwen menm se TJD, ge'm tou patou, zorey mwen gran louvri. mwen te complimante w' pou jan... read more >
Ti Jan Danto, 26-Oct-07 12:36 pm
Very well stated, Ti Malice! Hope a message like this can reach as many Haitians as possible. We truly need a cure for... read more >
Gros-morne Gonaives, 26-Oct-07 1:05 pm
Mr. TiMalice, Bonjour! Merci pour le compliment, disons, vous abondez dans mes pensees, ou plus precisement notre... read more >
Mardochard Louis, 26-Oct-07 1:30 pm
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