McKenzy find yourself something worthwhile to do. Flo get lost...

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McKenzy find yourself something worthwhile to do. Flo get lost will you, didn't you say your goodbyes a few weeks ago. You are boring and "tiring".

Please try to spend more time with friends.

And Jules this is a free country, I can say anything I want. This is not Haiti where one journalist was killed for questioning the source of Aristide's wealth.

I give money to FONKOZE which is a reputable charity organization with 32 branches in Haiti.

That's a lot more than most of you are doing while uttering all that hot air. I can still see that mother in my nightmare with her five bare buttocks children (genitals dangling) who was begging for money.

Therefore I have to tell that king of the pigsty he needs to shape up or shape out. This is not his first term in office.

He is incompetent.

He is sitting on more than a billion dollars budget ( I was told.) He lacks vision.

People who have worked hard all their lives do not have money to retire.

(some would love to squeeze the elite out of the last 500 dollars they have left in their account after 50 years of hard work) Duvalier used to have the elite arrested for no reason.

He had Brant arrested once and made him purchased 2million dollars of worthless government bonds.

Its a good thing that Brant was resourceful otherwise he would have been ruined (I was told).

The elite pay more taxes than the average folks regardless that they no longer have a business or an income.

( a lot of them are receiving funds from their children to survive.) Why can't this Preval launch a social security retirement program for his country.

Why can't he launch a welfare program for destitute women with children.

He needs to put in jail all those irresponsible men who are not paying child support (sex is a privilege that comes with responsibility) Preval can start a birth control program that would distribute fertility control patches to poor women.

The country side is not that much cleaner than Port-au-Prince.

The entire island stink.

They need to start passing around deodorants to the employees who work at the airport.

The body odor emanating from the welcome party beating those drums at the airport outweigh the welcome itself.

Preval you completely SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK! the end.

Xyz, October 23 2007, 12:31 PM


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Xyz, 24-Oct-07 12:02 pm
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Linda, 24-Oct-07 3:39 pm
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Linda, 24-Oct-07 3:48 pm
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