Agreed with pretty much everything you said. However, you...

Linda - October 20 2007, 2:35 PM

Agreed with pretty much everything you said. However, you cannot put the cart before the cows (translation of French proverb).

What I mean is that before you can have fines for people who throw things on the street, you first have to have a place for people to dispose of their trash.

Or, you can have a law against the importation of certain kinds of items that cause trash (e.g. those plastic bottles).

I completely agree that every there are people who scream that the government is anti poor people if certain laws are passed.

However, all governments have to deal with that. The intelligent ones find ways to make their laws be or at least appear to be balanced--it's really mostly about perception.

Perhaps the government could start by reducing some imports that VISIBLY impacts both the poor and the rich. Again, if we go back to the examples that I used of the drinking bottles, there are two different types of ways to limit their use which will impact both the elite and the poor and they can both feel equally mad about it, and that neutralizes them to a great extent.

I'm not sure that what I just said made sense because right now I'm really hungry and have to go get something to eat. But I wanted to answer you as soon as possible.

Perhaps you will get the gist of were I was going with all this.


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