Flo I never worship idols, never believe in "papa noel...

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I never worship idols, never believe in "papa noel, Christmas, Santa Claus" what ever the name they might call it. By the way, the scientific evidence you have mentioned (LA VOIE LACTEE) is nothing new to my knowledge, and also what you call myth or fiction, I am very well aware of that too. Only there are a few exceptions to the rules, I will not buy any idiotic ideology that you wish to sell at the expense of my intelligence, by proclaiming that ADAM is a myth, WOMAN is created first, CHRISTIANITY is the universal language exported by the European to the world, JESUS didn't know the consequences of the SACRIFICE which He had to pay for the salvation of humanity.

Voyez-vous, tout cela n'est que pieux mensonge.

So, once again, I don't learn anything good about your obnoxious essays.

I told you if you wish to further your dialog with me, you must separate first your facts from your myth/fiction.

I am a man who goes by the basic principle of ethic that guides, not only my behavior, but also the entire organization process of my thoughts.

Je n'ai pas de temps a ecouter a des charabias inintelligibles si pleins de ramassis de non-sens.

De grace, epargnez-moi ce gros lard qui m'etrangle! furthermore, the economy model that should be used for Haiti ought to be taken from the context of its actual human resources first, then on the currency of its gross national products, and finally by the availability of the energy efficiency ( cutting-edge technology) which is the most important factor that will guaranty its success.

The Chinese economy system is good, but not good enough to use it as a model for Haiti, because, although it meets all the requirements above-mentioned, its key success depends on the exploitation of the uneducated mass population.

That' why most of the western manufacturers, European manufacturers move to China.

Since we are living now in a global economy ( fair trade globalization), the Haitian government, like never before, needs to put more emphasis on education, investing in high education for the future scientific innovation of a prosperous Haiti.

This economic concept will take thirty years to be implemented by developing its own economic and adaptive pattern to avoid becoming the prey of exploitation to those nations who are already ahead of the capital game. The Haitian currency, so to speak, needs to be reevaluated to be comparable to the actual cost of living.

The devaluation of Chinese YUAN increases financial growth for the minority by hurting the livelihood of the majority.

I don't have enough time to go into too much details, so goodbye! Remember, don't email me to talk about nonsense, or I will send it straight to the recycle beans, promise!

Mardochard Louis, October 19 2007, 12:27 PM

Topic: Exposé on Christianity!

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