Not a Kve but a National Konbit!!

Klosa - October 25 2006, 8:00 AM

But my Dear Friend, How do you think the unity was built?

The education of no one wanted them and no one wants us...

this is our piece of this earth so lets make it work for us. It would never be Kibbutz Israel style.

It would be modified to fit our culture and norms.

Its the idea of all the youth, boys and girls growing up in a site which is there to teach them self sufficiency, civic duties and so much more...

We will have "Konbit" with the villages surrounding them. We will have "tire kont" at night, We would teach them to liberate their minds, "no "tèt grenn" or "tèt swa", to value a humanbeing for their soul not their look. We would rotate them from north to south, west to east, we would take the city kids every summer and send the countryside kids to the cities, its all for them to identify to AYITI as their homeland not an area of Ayiti as their homeland.

The Kòve's would be done as a whole society as a big NATIONAL"KONBIT".

I will be one of the first volunteers to go live there to teach and serve them. I will be in Kotrèl outside of Marigot in December 2010. I can be there full time whereever I am needed.

But for now till then, I can only come from 1-2 weeks per year. I have my obligations to my children here in Miami who still need me.

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