no kibbutz but Kove

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I respect your suggestion and if you have done it it is because you are thinking about our country but you are far off.
I was in Israel in 1989 and I learn some thing about the Zionist kibbutz and I think we have something in Haiti calle Kove
which is very close to the kibbutz idea.
Klosa ask any haitian peasant how did he build his house he will tell you with one Kove ou bien de Kove.
What we need from the Israelis is their determination to survive, their Unity in front of adversity and their belief in their ability to sustain hardship
I had a very very very good jewish female friend when I was in Netanya and I know what I am talking about
Yves Lonmaren Ultra National Bewegung

Yves Lonmaren, October 24 2006, 9:36 PM

Topic: Kibbutz System in Haiti

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Klosa I respect your suggestion and if you have done it it is because you are thinking about our country but you are... read more >
Yves Lonmaren, 24-Oct-06 9:36 pm
But my Dear Friend, How do you think the unity was built? The education of no one wanted them and no one wants us..... read more >
Klosa, 25-Oct-06 8:00 am
My friend ur suggestions sound so good, I say that in a countless time that, need such thing to rebuild the country.I... read more >
Ben B., 25-Oct-06 6:39 pm
Compatriotes Ben und klosa und die others I salute you depuis l'allemagne. Entweder we call it Konbit oder Kove it... read more >
Yves Lonmaren, 25-Oct-06 7:52 pm
Can I find someone who is not stuck on the past to work with me here. We know where we have been. You speak of... read more >
Klosa, 25-Oct-06 8:26 pm
Very good from Germany... Its a beginning! as we must start somewhere. i agree with all of you. At least lets start... read more >
Klosa, 25-Oct-06 9:33 pm
Le citoyen Haitien doit savoir que c'est lui devant travailler pour le developement du pays; non pas les organisations... read more >
Robert Magic, 26-Oct-06 11:41 am
Can somebody tell me how Henry Christophe came up with the Citadelle? The GENIUS left us (number 8th merveille du... read more >
Robert Magic, 30-Oct-06 11:25 am
Robert, merci d'avoir supporte mes suggestions. comme tu le disais, beaucoup de gens ne savent meme ce qu'ils sont... read more >
Ben B., 30-Oct-06 11:21 pm
Ben, tu devrais etre le president de notre pays.Tes idees sont super je suis prete,il suffit dans gens comme nous pour... read more >
Jud, 31-Oct-06 8:08 pm
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